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阿波罗(福州)大酒店官方网站 - 福州 - 在线预订


阿波罗大酒店位于福州五一中路市中心繁华商业地段,集酒店、餐饮、娱乐、休闲、商务、公寓、写字楼、智能化办公为一体。酒店按准五星级标准设计装修,拥有各类风格的客房五百多间,可满足不同层次的宾客消费需求。有可容纳千人的大型宴会厅、千人国际会议厅,多功能厅,大、小型会议场所。中餐菜系多样,如粤菜、闽菜、川菜、湘菜等;西餐富有异国情调,精心为食客打造美食时尚,引领餐饮潮流。另有桑拿城、自助KTV,各种门内齐全的球类、茶艺居等,另有独一无二的民航离港系统等。是目前全省规模最大,档次最高,配套最齐全的涉外旅游饭店。Apollo Hotel is located in Wuyi Road.Which is Fuzhou's most prosperous commercial center. The hotel, designed and decorated according to the international five-star level, is a modernized and intelligent hotel with the functions of apartments, food&beverage, entertainment, sport and commerce.It is so far the largest foreign-related hotel in Fujian Province.There are 512 rooms(suits) in various types, which can meet the needs of various consumers. We can provide services for different kinds of guest.The Banquet Hall and the Conference Hall can hold as many as one thousand persons.You can enjoy Chinese food in various styles(for example: Guangdong Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine and so on) and Western food with exotic flavor.There are also the sauna city, the dynamic discotheque, the song hall, KTV, sports facilities, the tea art house and the unique civil airplane departure system in the hotel.


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福州 登录 注册 english 在线预订 大酒店官方网站 阿波罗 中文

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food fujian sauna city discotheque ktv song flavor dynamic hunan styles chinese enjoy guangdong sichuan western sports exotic house 预订宾馆 宾馆预订 预订酒店 apollo hotel fuzhou fuzhou travel booking hotel hotel booking fuzhou accommodation 酒店预订 旅馆 civil unique persons airplane departure 福州住宿 福州旅游 阿波罗大酒店 facilities banquet international decorated designed five-star level functions intelligent modernized center commercial 阿波罗大酒店位于福州五一中路市中心繁华商业地段,集酒店、餐饮、娱乐、休闲、商务、公寓、写字楼、智能化办公为一体。酒店按准五星级标准设计装修,拥有各类风格的客房五百多间,可满足不同层次的宾客消费需求。有可容纳千人的大型宴会厅、千人国际会议厅,多功能厅,大、小型会议场所。中餐菜系多样,如粤菜、闽菜、川菜、湘菜等;西餐富有异国情调,精心为食客打造美食时尚,引领餐饮潮流。另有桑拿城、自助ktv,各种门内齐全的球类、茶艺居等 在线预订 大酒店官方网站 另有独一无二的民航离港系统等。是目前全省规模最大,档次最高,配套最齐全的涉外旅游饭店。apollo located prosperous fuzhou wuyi apartments food&beverage consumers meet types services kinds conference 阿波罗 guest suits rooms commerce sport entertainment largest foreign-related 512 province hold