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AppUseful | Web 2.0 Applications Directory. User Reviews of the Best Web Apps.


Web Apps directory that ranks apps based on user reviews and ratings. Discover useful web tools and cool new startups



Useful Web 2.0 Applications. User Ratings of the Best Web Apps


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Backup, sync, and share files easily
Radio that finds music based on your taste.
A first-person shooter browser plugin-based video game
Bringing People From Around The World Closer Together...One conversation at a ti
A microvolunteering app for crowd-managed tasks
You can share, store and rate all of your favorite recipes.
Socket lets you quote and sell through your website.
Ask your friends before buying
Unique way of discovering trending YouTube videos
For those looking for an easy way to create wireframes.
Lets you ask friends to give feedback on anything you might buy
Connect with the people in your company to work together on projects
Engages your online community via game mechanics.
Find the best cloud hosting provider without effort.
Backup, sync, and share files easily
Never have to delete your email again. Amazing spam filter
Radio that finds music based on your taste.
Share What You Are Doing. Follow interesting people.
Helps unsigned bands to organise rehearsals, gigs, fans, social networks, money.
Connect and share with your friends.
Encyclopedia on everything!
Allows users to consolidate personal content and share across the internet.
Helps in keeping track of invoices online.
Easy to use project management

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