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BambooHR – A Web-Based Approach to Human Resources
TravelNerd – Improving the Airport Experience
Authorea – Collaboration for Scholars


Minbox – Quickly Share Large Files
Ringadoc – Communicate Better With Patients
collegefeed – Land Your First Post-College Job
Attendify – Engage Conference Attendees
Sifter – Simplified Bug & Issue Tracking
Typeform – Beautiful Forms & Surveys
Offerchat – Free Live Chat Widgets
Hoverboard – Create a Stylish Online Portfolio
Larky – Take Advantage of the Discounts You’ve Earned
Keeeb – Save the Highlights
Piki – Social Radio
Nextly – Intelligent Online Browsing
Soldsie – Sell on Facebook
Recollect – Safekeeping For Digital Memories
Dashbell – Better Bookings for Hotels & Resorts
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