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Saltwater fish, saltwater reef fish, live coral, saltwater fish supplies, live rock, live sand, and aquarium supplies.



saltwater fish, marine fish, live corals, live rock, aquarium supplies





Saltwater Fish, Live Coral, Live Rock, and Aquarium Supplies Delivered Right to Your Door
Saltwater Fish Store The Best Variety & Selection Aquatic Connection Live is your exciting online saltwater fish store for exotic saltwater fish, rare live corals and all the saltwater invertebrates you could wish for your home reef aquarium. You will find that our variety and selection is the largest on the web. Using our secure online store, you can buy salt water fish and coral shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight for delivery to anywhere in the United States. Over 30 years, we have become the #1 Source for discount saltwater fish for both the beginner and advanced aquarist. The site feaures the perfect Exotic rare specimens for the more advanced aquarist and very easy beginner saltwater fish and corals for the begining aquarist. Review our "See It-Pick It-Buy It WYSIWYG section for the newest saltwater fish and live coral imports from around the world and from the world's best aquaculture facilities. Buy Saltwater Fish Held 14 hours or 14 days? Aquatic Connections Our Saltwater Fish and select invertebrates are held a minimum of 14 days. Aquatic Connections Acclimation Program assures our customers the highest quality specimens. Saltwater fish and fragile invertebrates are tanked for acclimation, under perfect conditions to allow for the easiest adaptation to saltwater aquarium life. Only once our livestock manager is assured they are ready for shipping will new marine life be added to our inventory for ship out to their new homes.    New Article - Saltwater Aquarium Algae Control: The Elimination of Nuisance Algae For a reef tank or any saltwater tank to be successful, the quantity of nuisance algae must be kept to a bare minimum, otherwise the tank's other inhabitant's will suffer. The Ellimination of Nuisance Algae Article - Beginner Saltwater Fish Interested in starting a saltwater fish tank? Here's a great article By following our advice on care and compatability, you will find keeping a successful saltwater fish aquarium can be both a rewarding and fascination experience! Beginner Saltwater Fish Education Article Article - Beginner Corals for Reef Aquariums Interested in starting a reef tank, but you are not sure what are the best corals for a beginner reef aquarium. Beginner Corals for your Reef Tank Education Article Article - What Should I Use for my Aquarium? A Refugium, Wet Dry or Berlin Sump? Not sure on what way to go, get the latest explanation and information on which sump system is best for you? Article: What type of sump should my aquarium have?


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