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Planted Aquarium Specialists, Aquarium Plants, Mixed Boxes of Aquatic Plants, Substrates, CO2 Sets, Fertilisers, Diffusers and LED Lighting Systems


Planted aquarium supplies, aquarium plants, substrates, CO2 systems, fertilisers and LED lights are available at great prices for your aquarium with fast uk delivery.


Aquarium plants, aquatic plants, planted substrates, CO2 sets, fertilisers, LED lighting


Monthly Specials For July


Background Plants
Carpet Plants
Foreground Plants
Midground Plants
Mixed Boxes of Potted Plants
Mother Plants
Plant+Wood+Rock Box
Plants On Wood
Plastic Plants
Potted Plants
Vitro Plants
Aquariums and Cabinets
Aquascaping Decor
Substrate System
Tools of the Trade
CO2 Accessories
CO2 Bubble Counters
CO2 Diffusers
CO2 Drop Checkers
CO2 Fermenting Sets and Refills
CO2 Pressurised Bottles
CO2 Pressurised Sets
CO2 Reactors
CO2 Regulators and Solenoids
CO2 Tubing
Air Pumps and Accessories
Circulation Pumps
External Filters
Filter Bags and Pouches
Filter Materials
Filter Spares
Filter Tubing Accessories
Freshwater UV Filters
Internals Filter and Cartridges
Lily Pipes
Feeding Devices
Freeze Dried
Fresh Sachets
Pellets and Wafers
Weekend/Holiday Foods
Heating & Control
LED Lighting
Lighting Accessories
Starter Units
T5 Luminaires
T5 Tubes
T8 Luminaire
T8 Tubes
Shrimp Accessories
Shrimp Food
Shrimp Substrate
Shrimp Water Conditioner
Liquid Carbons
Reverse Osmosis
Root tabs
Test Kits
Water Conditioners


For same day despatch



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