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Mary Meeker claims that the monetarisation of the mobile Internet is still in its early stages: while the share of mobile access in the global Internet traffic


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Advertising expenditure is increasingly going into mobile channels
Another 40 million US$ should smooth the way for Shazam’s lucrative TV deals
“Conversation Prism v4.0″ shows how diverse the social media world is
Which product groups will be dominated by Amazon
Case Study Kate Spade: window shopping instead of showrooming
Case study: the Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall
Why mobile coupons are the driving force behind M-commerce growth
Google and Facebook are dominating mobile advertising with a market share of around 70%
The success story of Apple’s App Store: five years and 900,000 apps
Mary Meeker’s Internet trends 2013: focus on the mobile momentum forward, wearable computing and digital China. What about digital retail?


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