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Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh


The Byzantine Metropolitan Church sui iuris of Pittsburgh was established as the Exarchate of Pittsburgh in 1924. This Exarchate expanded to become the Eparchy of Pittsburgh and the Eparchy of Passaic in 1963. Full status as a Metropolitan Church was granted in 1969 with the designation of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, the Eparchy of Passaic, the Eparchy of Parma and, later, Holy Protection of Mary Eparchy of Phoenix. The Metropolitan Church is governed by the Council of Hierarchs comprised of the Metropolitan Archbishop and the bishops of each of the eparchies.


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Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh


Graduate degrees conferred at Seminary
Pope clears the way for the canonizations of John Paul II, John XXIII


Upcoming Events


The Archeparchy of Pittsburgh is part of the BYZANTINE CATHOLIC METROPOLITAN CHURCH OF PITTSBURGH, USA  which consists of the Archeparchy and three eparchies:


Four Seminarians Complete Masters Programs
By Cindy Wooden

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