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Archway Enterprises, Located in Huntsville, Al Servicing All of your Door & WIndow Hardware replacement needs


Replacement Hardware for sliding patio doors, sliding screens, windows, screening, framing, storm doors and windows, tub & shower door, drawers & cabinets, closet doors, bi-fold and bi-passing doors, RV and mobile home, restroom partitions, security items and much moreŠ latches, pulls, finger pulls, latch strikes, screen shields, spring tension rollers, roller assemblies, rollers, top guides, guides, bottom guides, spring tension guide, corner insert, bug seal, handle sets, handle, mortise handle sets, flush mount handle, pulls, keyed lock, outside flush pull, cover plate, axle pin, door roller, tandem roller, roller housing, bumpers, repair track, threshold replacement kits, glass track, screen track, mortise lock, keepers, internal lock, keyed locking units, cylinder lock, keyed locking pulls, latch leavers, escutcheon plates, slide latch assembly, latch hooks, latch pins, latch repair, latch yoke, latch spring, latch hook set, lock adapter, lock clip, handle bracket, panel clip, binder post, fasteners, sash locks, window lock, tilt latch, tilt latches, security pins, keyed sash lock, keyed window lock, sash lifts, window lifts, knobs, springs, repair kit, corner inserts, casement operator, casement handles, casement tracks, casement operator handles, operator brackets, crank handles, tee handles, universals, locking handles, casement locking handles, hopper window hardware, projecting window, locking handles, casement security locks, strike plates, single hole locking clevis, dual locking handle, casement window bottom latch, bottom latch, top latch, project-in locking handles, project-in security locks, transom latch, window spring catch, push bars, push bar operators, casement lock, casement lock keepers, window hinge, hinge, louver operator, universal louver operator, Jalousie operator break off link, glass clips, awning operator, universal awning window operator, awning window operator, angle adapter, awning operator crank, crank extension, e ring, grooved pin, bolt, bushing, sash balances, window balances, adjustable sash balances, single hung sash balance, double hung sash balance, side mount sash balance, channel balance, block and tackle sash balance, sash cams, terminal clips, lift hooks, take out clip, rivets, pivot lock shoes, pivot bars, balance feet, balance foot, tension tools, truth window, truth window hardware, cam locks, toggle lock, locking handles, casement operator tracks, hinges, die cast clips, clips, plastic clips, flush clips, turn buttons, swivel clips, wing clips, metal clips, nylon clips, retainer clips, lift tabs, stretcher clips, plunger latches, plungers, lock pins, slide locks, knife latches, bottom latches, spline latch, hanger and latch set, top hangers, nail set tool, ball head screw, retainer clip assemblies, tension springs, hook and eye, thumb screws, snap fasteners, weather strip, storm door sweeps, door sweep, screen frame, screen framing, plastic corners, rolling tools, re-screening kits, screen repair patches, vinyl retainer spline, glazing channel, glazing, louver strip, pile weather strip, screen clips, slide locks, storm panel clips, thumb screws, window grid retainers, screen grills, storm door grill, tub and shower door hardware, pivots, pull handle, shower door, shower door catches, sweeps, towel bar, towel bar assemblies, towel bar brackets, bumpers, jamb guides, curtain rod brackets, curtain rod, shower curtain rod, splash guards, bi-passing doors, bi-folding doors, pocket door, pocket door hardware, bi-folding door hardware, closet door hardware, closet pole sockets, shelf brackets, rod brackets, mirror door rollers, mirror door pulls, mirror door brackets, mirror door pulls, carpet risers, track kits, guide wheels, pivots, pivot insert, bracket insert, top pivot, snuggers, two door snuggers, slide guide, four door snuggers, bottom slide guide, aligners, surface aligners, knobs, pivot pins, guide pins, rod clamps, adjustment brackets, side adjusting guides, passage pull, privacy lock, RV hardware, mobile home hardware, vent operators, handle extension, crank extension, louver operator, sill operator, torque operator, roof vent operator, bushings, torque bar bushings, sliding window locks, latch and pull, locking handles, compartment latch, drawer hardware, drawer guide, cabinet hardware, track kits, drawer rollers, cabinet hinge, catches, cabinet catches, drawer locks, sash locks, window locks, thumb screw bar lock, cam action lock, wood sash pins, keyed sash lock, window flip lock, push bolt lock, push bolt, security lock pin, patio door hardware, loop lock, security bar lock, surface latch, chain door lock, chain lock, dead bolt lock, keyed deadbolt lock, night latch, swing bar locks, anti jimmy plate, swing bar lock, edge guard, door viewer, door knocker, mail box lock, utility lock, cam locks, safety hasp, key tags, lock out device, showcase lock, showcase plunger lock, drawer lock, cabinet lock, faucet lock box, mail box locks, dead latches, spring latches, strikes, reinforcing plates, install a lock, door reinforcing plates, latch shields, hold covers, security hardware, defender hardware, filler plate, cover plate, window locks, sliding patio door locks, entry door locks, child security, shelf pegs, holders and bumpers, wall protectors, mirror clips and hangers, flag pole holders, drapery accessories, cover plate screws, bed frame clips, roller catches, house numbers, house letters, shelf brackets, corner shields, hydraulic closures, kick plates, commercial door hardware, Sliding screen hardware, sliding screen door hardware, garage door hardware, cables, ferrules, cable stops, swage it tools, pulleys, straps, bottom lifting brackets, t locking handles, tee locking handles, side lock, slide bolt latch, rim cylinder lock, carriage bolts, torsion bars, torsion springs, torsion spring drums, winding rods, storm door hardware, screen door hardware, knob latches, colonial latches, safety chains, door springs, chain storm door closures, storm door latch sets, storm door brackets, storm door hardware kits, hardware kits, wood screen door springs, restroom partition hardware, concealed locks, toilet stall hardware, restroom stall latches, bumper hook, fix a lock, window screen hardware, screening, cam locks, storm window slide bolts, storm window tilt keys, storm window corner keys, corners, offset keys, storm window replacement parts, storm window hardware, keepers






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storm window hardware storm window replacement parts offset keys corners restroom stall latches toilet stall hardware storm door brackets storm door latch sets chain storm door closures door springs storm door hardware kits hardware kits concealed locks restroom partition hardware wood screen door springs sliding screen hardware commercial door hardware faucet lock box cabinet lock drawer lock showcase plunger lock mail box locks dead latches install a lock reinforcing plates strikes spring latches showcase lock lock out device door viewer edge guard swing bar lock anti jimmy plate screen clips mail box lock key tags safety hasp utility lock door reinforcing plates latch shields bed frame clips cover plate screws drapery accessories flag pole holders roller catches house numbers kick plates hydraulic closures corner shields house letters mirror clips and hangers wall protectors filler plate defender hardware security hardware hold covers sliding patio door locks entry door locks 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located enterprises door window replacement hardware for sliding patio doors replacement hardware latch strikes screen shields outside flush pull keyed lock flush mount handle mortise handle sets axle pin door roller repair track roller housing tandem roller handle handle sets top guides rollers roller assemblies spring tension rollers guides bottom guides bug seal corner insert spring tension guide strike plates single hole locking clevis lift tabs retainer clips nylon clips metal clips stretcher clips plunger latches bottom latches knife latches lock pins plungers wing clips swivel clips hinges casement operator tracks toggle lock truth window hardware die cast clips clips turn buttons flush clips plastic clips spline latch hanger and latch set re-screening kits archway plastic corners screen framing screen repair patches vinyl retainer spline louver strip glazing glazing channel screen frame door sweep retainer clip assemblies ball head screw nail set tool top hangers tension springs hook and eye storm door sweeps weather strip snap fasteners truth window tension tools universal louver operator hinge window hinge casement lock keepers jalousie operator break off link glass clips angle adapter awning window operator universal awning window operator awning operator casement lock push bar operators top latch bottom latch casement window bottom latch dual locking handle project-in locking handles project-in security locks push bars window spring catch transom latch awning operator crank e ring take out clip lift hooks terminal clips sash cams rivets pivot lock shoes balance foot balance feet pivot bars block and tackle sash balance channel balance sash balances bushing bolt grooved pin window balances adjustable sash balances side mount sash balance double hung sash balance single hung sash balance pile weather strip