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                                                              MADE IN AMERICA
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Thank you for visiting our web site.  Our slide show shows you a few of the new samples we have just completed.   We will be changing the show to reflect our new designs monthly, so be sure and check back with us.   All our plaques are custom designed and made here in America. The plaques can  be customized with  your design for any organization,  branch of service or high school.   We have templates for all branches of the Service, Army, Navy, National Guards, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  Also, we can create a plaque for your organization such as Lions Club and the Masons.  If you have a school mascot we can do that too. Our plaques are 11 x 3/4 by 11 and 3/4 round and made of Luan Wood and the finest coherent light available.  These plaques are designed to last decades and will be a great addition to almost any décor.  The non personalized plaques are $25.00 with custom designs  slightly higher.    Just email me your  ideas. Our work usually takes about two to four weeks to complete. After we have made the sample and you have  inspected the proposed design, it will be shipped out to you. Just fill out the order sheet and send design.   We will be glad to discuss your design either through email or a phone call.  A small deposit will be required before we start the process.  When order is placed, an email will be sent concerning details of design, time of preparation and shipping and tax information.  All transactions can be paid through Pay Pal and an invoice will be sent to your email address.  All sales are final when design is finished.            For more of our designs, see the  individual categories for samples.  
                                        Your imagination is the only limit to our creation
                            For information concerning our designs contact us at
Rich & Kaye Boehning 7018 Old Hwy. 75 South Huntsville, Texas 77340 936 438-1624 936 438-0391




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