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Arktos publishes thought-provoking books on a range of philosophical, political and spiritual topic including works by Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye. It also retails books by authors such as Julius Evola and Aleksander Solzhenitsyn. Increasingly, people sense that something seems terribly wrong with the modern world. Arktos has been founded to offer such individuals - however varied their philosophic and aesthetic inclinations - the resources necessary to discover for themselves a true alternative to the onslaught of modernity.


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Best Selling Products:
Markus Willinger: Generation Identity
Alain de Benoist: Carl Schmitt Today
Radix 1: The Great Erasure
Julius Evola: Notes on the Third Reich (Softcover)
Julius Evola: Fascism Viewed from the Right (Softcover)
Ernst von Salomon: The Outlaws
New Products:



New Products
Paul Gottfried: War and Democracy (Hardback)
Julius Evola: Notes on the Third Reich (Hardback)
Julius Evola: The Path of Cinnabar (Softcover)
Julius Evola: The Path of Cinnabar (Hardback)
Lars Holger Holm & Kenneth Maximilian Geneser: Gotisk
Abir Taha: Nietzsche's Coming God or the Redemption of the Divine


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