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Leon Tours - specialised in tours to Armenia and Karabakh




Leon Tours is a Armenian-Danish travel agency with many years of experience of arranging tours and accommodation in Armenia and Karabakh for tourists and businessmen. If you plan to go to Armenia or Karabakh we can arrange your trip - whatever it is business or pleasure.
As an ancient nation, Armenia has for centuries connected east and west and created a unique culture and traditions. The Armenian hospitality is widely known and the Armenian kitchen and especially the Karabakh kitchen are guarantied to surprise you.
Armenia have been described as an open air museum and history and culture have been preserved in forms of numerous historical monuments, which are the pride of any Armenian no matter where he is located in the world. Thousands of unique monuments certify the origin and blossoming of human civilization during different epoch.
The soft climate, the short spring, the summer filled by the sun, a velvet autumn season, the presence of practically all climatic belts makes Armenia an ideal vacation spot at any time of year.
Armenia has a unique history. It was the first state to accept Christianity in the year 301. The first Christian church was built in Dadivank in the 1st century; schools were operating since the 4th century in Amaras and the university in Tatev since 11th century. The unique nature, rich flora and fauna of the region make the air filled with bible histories and legends. And as a miracle all this have been preserved to present day.
Welcome to the paradise with the name of Armenia.
And welcome to Leon Travel


Welcome to Armenia and Leon Tours




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