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Description offers top quality military surplus, outdoor gear, camping equipment, and law enforcement tactical gear in Chicago and online.


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Five Buckle Overshoe
US Army ACU Universal Improved Military Tent
Yucca Pack
USMC Ammo Mug Travel Thermos
Pineapple Grenade (paperweight)
US Navy Brass Swivel Spring Snap Hook
PolarMax T-Shirt
Marine Corps Service Cap Device (Enlisted)
WWII M-1923 CAL .45 Double Magazine Pouch
Sand Table Tanks
WWII British Gas Mask & Bag
Korean Era Silk Pilots Escape Map (Tehran & Kuwait)
WWII Navy MK IV Gas Mask
Buck PakLite Field Master w/ Black Traction Coat
Buck Rush
TOPS / Buck CSAR-T Liaison
Buck Vantage Force A-TACS Military Camo Pro
Cargo Packboard Strap Quick Release
Vintage Infantry Utility Shorts
25mm Inert Shell
Montezuma® Belt Slide Holster Model 8S
LC2 Nylon Pistol Belt (Used)
Mystery Box
Alpha C-1 Emergency Sustenance Survival Vest
WW2 No.4 Mk2 British Spike Bayonet
Womens Skirt Woodland Camo
B.D.U. Shorts
Ambidextrous Nylon Holster
M240 SAW Soft Ammo Case
Buck The 55 Folding Hunter
Buck Pathfinder



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