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ARRI Group: Home


The ARRI Group is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture cameras, digital intermediate systems and lighting equipment. With a worldwide network of sales, rental and postproduction facilities, ARRI meets the uncompromising needs of even the biggest international clients.


Film Cameras, Lighting Equipment, Digital Systems, Rental, Postproduction, Film and TV Service, ARRI, Arnold und Richter


Documentary shooting with ALEXA
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New ARRISCOPE 3D surgical microscope
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Now available: ALEXA XR Module Workflows White Paper
Visit our Learn Section for ALEXA VFX FAQs
ARRI awarded Technology & Engineering Emmy®
LIFE OF PI mauls Visual Effects Society Awards rivals with 4 wins




ARRI film and digital cameras on ARGO
ALEXA used for stunning 3D visuals in LIFE OF PI
SKYFALL captured with ALEXA
ARRI cameras, lenses and lights on LES MISÉRABLES
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