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ART LIES: A Contemporary Art Quarterly





Issue 68


Like A Whole Other Country? The State of Contemporary Art in Texas
Sited and Situated: A Brief Account of Art Places in Texas
Biennials and Texanicity in Contemporary Art: A Survey of Surveys
Structure, Metaphor, Contemporary Art
To Locate One’s Self
Shahyad (Azadi), A Monument of Many Faces
Miscegenous London
Berend Strik: Against Standardization and Sanitization
Johnson and Oil!
House Arrest
Law and the Authoritarian Aesthetic of the American Lawn
Screen Space and the Conviction of “Dick Smart”
Subject Matter
Object Lesson
Fort Worth
Los Angeles
New York
San Antonio
San Francisco
Book Reviews
Weekly Online Reviews



Michael Höpfner, Outpost of Progress , 2008; plastic sheeting, sisal line, wooden posts; 120 x 80 x 65 inches; courtesy the artist and Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna

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