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ArtsATL is Atlanta's source for art news and reviews, providing comprehensive coverage of the arts in Atlanta.


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Art in Atlanta



30 Under 30: Codie Wiggins moves from club dance battles to performing with Usher
Review: True Colors’ world premiere of “Shakin’ the Rafters” hits, and sustains, a high note
Preview: Videographer Felipe Barral to get large drive-by audience on ultra-busy I-75-85
For innovative Atlanta firm Stanley Beaman & Sears, it isn’t architecture without art
Attend: Our list of things to see and do, July 16-26
Review: High Museum finally gives nod to Atlanta artists with splendid exhibition of drawings
30 Under 30: Marium Khalid of Saiah theatrical group thrives on being the outsider looking in
Review: “Dementia Juice” a manic, fitting finale for Dad’s Garage’s Inman Park home
News: Online campaign quickly funds project to digitize ASO archives; new Steinway arrives
Review: “Hannah Arendt” rivetingly depicts journalist’s encounter with “banality of evil”
Preview: Elongated National Black Arts Festival aims for strong comeback in its 25th year
Review: At Marcia Wood and Twin Kittens galleries, lovely landscapes and layers of intellectual puzzles



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