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Title -- Quality Chinese Books and DVDs for Children


Quality Chinese Books, DVD, educational toys and products for Children 0-12 years old.


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I Like Me 我喜歡我自己
I Can Count - Overlapping Cut-out Baby Board Book
One fish two fish red fish blue fish - Bilingual Dr. Seuss Book in Chinese and English
Spot's Chinese Dictionary for Baby -- 小波有聲字典書
Learn Tang Poems + VCD
Ai and Ele - Baby's Bilingual Picture Book (Set of 3 Books)
The 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac (+CD) 十二生肖的故事
There's No Such Thing AS MONSTERS!
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs -- 三隻小豬的真實故事
Chinese History Stories (Set of 3 Books) - Colored Edition in Simplified Chinese
Romance of the Three Kingdoms - Colored Edition in Traditional Chinese
Lady White Snake- My Favorite Chinese Classics Series
The Lightning Thief - 波西·杰克逊与神火之盗
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Rodrick Rules - 小屁孩日记.3 好孩子不撒谎” - Bilingual in Chinese & English
Matilda - 玛蒂尔达
Baby Learns Chinese DVD Set II - (Disc: 4,5,6 + Flashcards II)
Dora The Explorer 1 (Chinese & English Bilingual 5 disc DVD set)
Pororo - The Little Penguin I (Bilingual 2 disc DVD set)
My First Chinese Words (Set of 36 books + CD)
My First Chinese Alphabet Book (with CD)
My First Chinese Textbook (Book with DVD and MP3 CD)
KingKa 1 (Awarding winning game in simplified or traditional Chinese)
Chinese ABC Wood Blocks
Magnetic MightyMind Sea Explorer - Ideal for Travel!
Pop Stick Art
Eitech - Off-Road Vehicles with Remote Control Building Set (250 pc)
Blik Blok - 3D Thinking Skills

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