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Description is an online community where you can ask and answer questions on any forex topic. If you have a question about forex trading, this is the place to get an answer.


forex, currency trading, foreign exchange, currencies, babypips, freshpips, meetpips, reviewpips

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Who are the best scalpers and how do they trade?
For Europeans, is the Euro still worth the fight?
Is trading forex more difficult than trading stocks?
What is latency and how does it affect my trades?
Why do brokers offer more than one platform?
Is Psychology really as important in trading as people say?
What is the best charting strategy to use?
Can people from INDIA use ETORO for trading ? Is it trust worthy ?
What are the differences between trading CAD/JPY and USD/JPY?
Are losses inevitable in Forex?
How commited to you have to be to really succeed in Forex trading?
Should Draghi play down his optimism for the Euro?
Has China entered the currency war?
Could Forex work with a centralised market?
Why does Japan try to undervalue its currency? And what are the implications?



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