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ASK THE BIBLE - What does the Bible say. Just ask


Ask the Bible answers what the Bible says about current issues.


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God's blessing in 2013 from ASK THE BIBLE . com


Easy Access to the Bible Online


What distinguishes Christianity from other Faiths? GRACE
We Praise and Worship God the Father Almighty! Maker of Heaven and Earth, and in His only Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary over 2000 years ago & died on a wooden cross for all mankind. We earnestly believe the foundations our all other religions that do not have Jesus Christ as central to salvation are false religions and lead people to hell. They may have some good attributes but nonetheless are false paths. This includes Islam (a major world religion), Hindu, Buddist and other false cults. Don't be deceived. Christianity offers Real Hope, Real Peace, Real Joy, Eternal Life and a true path to God, even though you may feel totally unworthy, filthy and defiled. God still loves you. HEY! That's great News for us all.


Discover Biblical Truth !!!. Repent !!! Believe !!! and Put your Hope in the Lord Jesus who loved you so much he died for YOU. Christ did rise from the DEAD. Here's the Proof
The Holy Bible is not just a historical document. It is a record of God's dealing with men and women in the Old and New Testaments. A Holy God's revelation of Himself and His purposes. The words and themes of the Holy Bible have eternal consequences for every human being.


Date of Revision - 29 March 2013 COPYRIGHT (C) ASK THE BIBLE

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