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Aspire Zone Foundation Qatar - Sport faculties, sport city, venues event planning


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Rising to international prominence through successful staging of the 2006 Asian Games, Qatar’s Aspire Zone boasts some of the world’s finest sport stadia and venues offering a unique sport, sports medicine, research and education destination for the international sports industry. Aspire Zone is able to service the highest sporting demands ranging from hosting major sports events to training and pre-competition camps to conferences and research as well as injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
Aspire Academy Created in 2004, Aspire Academy has the dual aims of identifying and transforming promising student-athletes into world-renowned champions across a wide range of sports, and to act as a beacon to draw sporting culture… read more
Aspetar Aspetar is the first of its kind sports medicine facility in the region ensuring that athletes can perform at their fullest potential. It was recognized as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence by F-MARC... read more
Aspire Logistics Aspire Logistics was established by Emiri Decree number 1 for the year 2008, as part of Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF), to build and operate state of the art sports venues and to manage events… read more
National Sports Day
Aspire Zone Foundation Aquathon race series
Khalifa Stadium Run Around
Ramadan Sports Festival



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