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Senior Living Communities and Assisted Senior Living Experts - Community Selection, Alzheimers Care & More at


Let our senior living experts help you identify assisted living facilities and senior living communities for your loved one to meet your needs and budget.


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To find a senior living community near you...



SEARCH more than 50,000 senior care communities



1. Where are you looking?
2. How can we contact you?
3. What is your relationship to the person in need of senior housing?
4. Where does your loved one currently reside?
5. How old is your family member?
6. Which of the following apply to your loved one (check all that apply)?
7. Is the person in need of care able to make their own decision on senior housing?
If no, do you have a power of attorney for your family member?
8. Have you contacted any communities yet regarding care for your loved one?
If yes, which one(s)?
9. The average cost of senior care in your community is $ [SOME AMOUNT] per month. Based on your family member's income , assets, and long-term care insurance, would this be affordable for him/her?
10. Is there anything else you would like to share with us in order to better assist you through this process (i.e. what prompted you to look for care, how your loved one feels about this, etc.)?
1. Where are you looking?
2. What kind of care community do you need?

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