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AsuraCats Bengals | breeding Bengal Cats in Cambridgeshire


AsuraCats Bengals - breeding Bengal Cats in Cambridgeshire


AsuraCats Bengals blog, AsuraCats Bengals



The Bengal is a cat that has no faults at all, Not scratching at banisters, nor climbing of walls No smashing of ornaments, no moulting hairs No bare foot assassins, in wait on the stairs.
No perching on fish tanks, the hamsters are safe, Not Houdinis these cats, you can have faith. Expertise in fly catching, but please don’t despair, They won’t use your curtains to get them up there.
Oh wait…yes they do! Well blast! now you know, But those pesky cats, they do love you so. Loyal, attentive, always wanting a cuddle, Even my children are not this much trouble.
Stunningly beautiful and with attitude, Found on the best laps, to which they are glued. Intelligent, glittery, crazy, exotic, My own leopard cat, only slightly neurotic!
Brown spot and marble, snow, silver, and blue, My fun water babies, oh how I love you! Remember all this, and though they’re a pain Your life will never be the same again.
© Chloé Pia Vaughan


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