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HuffPost Weird News - Strange-But-True Stories from the Headlines


Whether it's weird, funny or bizarre we've got news stories on dumb crime, UFOs, paranormal activity, urban legends, anatomical wonders and much more.


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The Comic-Con Survival Kit
Treasure Hunting in Turkmenistan
Bob Calhoun Dishes the Dirt on Comicon, Star Trek, Mitt Romney, Westboro Baptists & Bigfoot
A Capital Time For Tweeting, Plus When To Shoot A Moose
If Someone Were to Build an Artificial Island in International Waters, Could They Legally Declare It as a Sovereign Nation?
What the... ? Milking a Cow on Capitol Grounds
The Year of the Witch
American Mustache Institute Announces New Leadership and Headquarters City
I'm With Stupid: Get Your Minds and Bodies Out of the Toilet



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