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ATFA Letter to Supporters on IMF's Lagarde Meddling in U.S. Court Case
ATFA Denounces Christine Lagarde's Effort to Immerse the IMF in a U.S. Court Case Between Argentina and Its U.S. Creditors
Upset in the U.S. over the official veto on Nisman
Blog Post: The “Cedin”: Argentina’s Bizarre New Financial Instrument
CLARIN: AMIA: Gils Carbó doesn’t want Nisman to speak in the U.S.
LA NACION: “The Uruguayan government warns about an Argentine default”
Give Us Your Real Dollars for Our Fake Dollars: Argentina Credit
US, Spain and Germany vote against Argentina at the IADB
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's Popularity Plummets
More than 70% disapprove of the government's current economic management
As Argentina's economy slows, President Cristina Fernandez's popularity dips
Argentina accused of protectionism at WTO strikes back
Argentina Central Bank to Continue Lending to Federal Government
Stiglitz asks for independent statistics
Argentines feeling trapped by currency controls
Argentina's congress considers lowering voting age to 16 amid debate over politicizing schools
Argentina falls nine places in competitiveness
The Paris Club will lay claim to Argentina's debt today
Summit of bondholders in Paris Club over Argentina
Harsh report from IMF could turn into sanctions
More barriers for approving credits at the IADB
Complaints from the Paris Club and risk of IMF condemnation
A massive pot-banging protest against the government is felt in the whole country
La presión nacional e internacional aumenta contra la Presidenta argentina Cristina Kirchner
Moody’s cambió a negativo panorama de la deuda local
Moody's Lowers Argentina Outlook on Policy Environment, Data-Reporting Concerns
IMF delays report on Argentina' controversial economic data reporting
IMF meets to consider progress on Argentina data
IMF to Put Argentina on Path to Censure Over Inflation Data
Argentina Says Biodiesel Export Tax Rate Will Be 19.1%
A short winded and bitter tasting pact with the IMF
Un pacto de corto aliento y de sabor amargo con el FMI
U.S. ties will not improve in the coming years, it is said
Argentina Gives Opposition Media Dec. 7 Deadline
Argentine leader challenges critics in US
Argentina’s leader says flouting rules is key to success, even as IMF reaches for the red card
U.S. students grill Argentina Presdient Fernandez in Washington
Argentina's New Currency Rules Have Backfired Horribly
FTSE announces 2012 annual Country Classification Review results
In government-media fight, Argentine journalism suffers
Argentine President Talks Politics, Defends Tenure at IOP
According to bondholders, Argentina is having problems with key allies
Cristina denies that inflation is reaching 25% and put data from the United States in doubt
Defending her 'friend' Chavez and surprising with the statement she speaks 'a lot' with journalists
Segun bonistas, Argentina tiene problemas con aliados clave
Cristina negó que la inflación alcance el 25%y puso en duda los datos de Estados Unidos
Argentine President Talks Politics, Defends Tenure at IOP
Argentine President Challenges Harvard Questions
The President distances herself from constitutional reform
Sales to Iran grew 234% since Cristina took office
Argentina's current problems are 'much worse than those of 2001,' Cavallo
Frigate Libertad is held in Ghana over bondholder lawsuit
Global economy, Brazil, Argentina seen dragging down LAC 2012 growth to 3.2%
Argentina hoy no está pagando parte de su deuda
Argentina is not paying part of its debt today
Argentine Coast and Border Guards conflict unchanged in its fourth day
Argentina: The president and the potbangers
Parallels between apartheid and Argentina
The pot-banging protests being organized for November 8 promise more people than on September 13
Argentina's Dead Beat Mom
Tens of Thousands of Argentines Use Social Media to Protest President Kirchner's Autocratic Policies
Global editors group raises alarm over Argentina press freedom threat
Argentine bonds fall following “selective default”
Interest accumulates in the Paris Club (in the board sense)
Labour union demonstration highlights growing challenge for Argentine government
Global editors warn on ongoing campaign in Argentina against independent media
The BCRA’s debt, an unpayable bill (Editorial)
Argentina's sovereign debt: A matter of time
The Frigate Scandal: the Navy distances itself from the decision to stop in Ghana
Navy chief is fired over Frigate crisis
Ghana Takes On Argentina
Argentina is left without new credits from the World Bank
On maximum alert
Mike Backs Parliamentary Motion to Veto World Bank Loans to Argentina
Cristina Fernandez triggers further uncertainty and fears to markets and investors
Argentina Repudiates Obligation to Pay ICSID Costs; Task Force Argentina Makes Payment and the Case Advances
Experts: Argentina’s a bad bet for U.S. oil companies




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