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The Attic Vent Fan Store


What is an attic vent fan? What types are there? Where can I get the best deal on attic ventilation? These and many more answers are found here.


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The Attic Vent Fan Store


Hot Tips For Buying An Attic Vent Fan


Looking for an attic vent fan? Not sure of the difference between a gable vent and the exhaust vent? Well here in my tips I have included all the information that you’ll need at the attic vent fan store.
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Firstly, Know your Vents
So you’ve decided to get a new attic vent fan but you don’t got which type to buy.In essence there are two types of vents:  intake and exhaust vents
Intake vents let outside air pass into the attic. The location of the intake vent determines the name that is given to it.
Gable vents are fitted to the ‘gable end’ just underneath the roof top.
Gable – triangular section of wall at the end of a pitched roof, occupying the space between the two slopes of the roof
Least effective of all intake attic vents fans.
Soffit vents are fitted in the ‘soffit’
Soffit – the underside of any element of a building
Static vents are any other type of vent fitted directly into the roof. They usually have a hood and to keep rain water out.
Efficiency of all intake vents hinges on its position and the number of vents
Exhaust vents let air pass to the outside. They are generally found in the kitchen or bathroom where steam can build up.
Secondly, which type of a fan?
Now you know what vent you’ve got, you next have to look at what type of attic vent fan you need. Generally, speaking there are two types:  powered or not.
Simply speaking a powered attic vent fan needs an electrical power source (this may be solar power).You may be able to get a Thermostat/Humidistat Controller and shutter to go over this. These are usually easy to install.
Not powered
These are simple vent, the fan operate by the flow of air. These are usually called through-Wall Utility Fans.
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