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A Way of Life That Works w/AUGUST GOLD




Sooner or later life’s going to come along and knock you on your ass. No matter who you are, how high and mighty, rich or poor, spiritual or worldly, it is going to happen. The thing about getting knocked down is you can’t change what happens to you once it’s happened. You have no leverage. Your power lies in how you’re going to respond to it: intelligently or unintelligently. If you respond intelligently, the injury’s going to grow you; respond unintelligently, and it’s going to shrink you. The catch is that it’s nearly impossible to respond intelligently until we understand one stupendously important thing about life: Life is a conversation.
Every Saturday you'll get free music and chants to uplift you, affirmations to strengthen you, spiritual exercises to deepen you and ideas to support you in staying connected to Source energy.





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