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Au Marche, Online European Groceries, Soaps & More


We specialize in providing a wide selection of European foods, soaps & goods. Take a look inside our online shop. We've been open in Downtown Lawrence since 1998.


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Order On-line or Call us Toll-Free: 877-386-5551 or locally: 785-865-0876
Niederegger Lubeck Bittersweet Chocolate-Covered Marzipan Bar
Christopher Elbow Chocolate Coffee
Nordic Sweets Mintees
European Foods Available On-line
931 Massachusetts Street Lawrence, KS 66044


Best Sellers
Seasonal Favorites
Candy & Licorice
Cookies and Cakes
Dutch Foods
French Foods
German Foods
Preserves & Syrups for Beverages
Swedish Products
or Call us Toll-Free: 877-386-5551 (Local: 865-0876)




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