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Auto Dynamic Remanufactured Engines are better than rebuilt!


Remanufactured Engines for car & truck. 3 Year Warranty! Hi-Perf, Crate, Diesel & Motor Home Engines. Auto Dynamic Engine. Remanufactured not rebuilt!


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Auto Dynamic’s Remanufactured Engines
Celebrating Over 36 Yrs!


Your Boat Motor Headquarters!
3 Yr Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty
A Step A  “Head” of the Rest
Our Blocks Are Far From Boring
Show Us A Better Part
Remanufactured Engine vs. Rebuilt Engine


Car/Truck Engine
Acura Engines
Chevy-GM Engines
Chrysler-Jeep Engines
Honda Engines
Hyundai Engines
IHC-Navistar Engines
Infinity Engines
Isuzu Engines
Lexus Engines
Mazda Engines
Mitsubishi Engines
Nissan Engines
Saturn Engines
Subaru Engines
Suzuki Engines
Toyota Engines
are top quality, above industry standards.
We back up that claim with a
Our certified machinists at Auto Dynamic Engine
perform a 3-angle valve
job on all of our remanufactured heads.
Every head is surfaced and vacuum
tested, ensuring the best
possible performance.
We are excited about the state of the art
equipment we use at Auto Dynamic Engine
to bore and finish hone
our blocks, maintaining standards high
enough for the racing industry.
and we’ll buy it. Auto Dynamic Engine
has and always will use brand-name,
top quality parts in every
remanufactured engine and transmission we build.
Remanufactured long blocks and short blocks
have long been recognized as superior to rebuilt engines.
Auto Dynamic Engines are better than new!
Auto Dynamic Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions
are built by experienced craftsmen one at a time.
Crate Engines



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