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Award Emblem | School Awards - Pins, Medals, Plaques & Trophies


Pins, Medals, Medallions, Plaques, Trophies, Acrylic Awards and Custom Awards for Student Achievement Recognition - Buy Manufacturer Direct and Save!


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When you buy from Award Emblem your complete satisfaction is our number one priority
Our Customers Say... var Quotation=new Array(); Quotation[0] = "“Award Emblem has always been a very customer friendly company. I have never had a problem with the merchandise or the service. I found the process extremely easy. I will use Award Emblem again and often.” - Minnie E."; Quotation[1] = "“I have been a customer of Award Emblem for 9 years. They have dealt with my orders in a very professional manner, no matter how small or how large they have been. I recommend their company highly.” - Minnie E."; Quotation[2] = "“Award Emblem was a pleasure to deal with. The service representative was very helpful and friendly. I would definitely order from Award Emblem again and plan to do so next year for my school choir awards.” - Mary Lou F."; Quotation[3] = "“I ordered pins that say Library Club on them for my little library club. The price was very reasonable. I placed the order and in just three or four days my order arrived.” - Audrey C."; Quotation[4] = "“I was extremely impressed by the rapid delivery of my order. My yearbook students were proud to wear their pins during our 1st graduation ceremony. I recommend this company to all administrators and teachers who want to recognize their students.” - Silvia T."; Quotation[5] = "“Outstanding service! We are very pleased with the ease and expediency with which your company is run. I found the web site quite easy to use and the ordering very efficient.” - Leslie K."; Quotation[6] = "“I will buy as well as recommend Award Emblem to others in the future. Customer Service was on top of my order, and the order was shipped quickly.” - Andrew B."; Quotation[7] = "“It was easy, fast and exactly what I wanted. It couldn't have been any better!” - Pamela M."; Quotation[8] = "“I could not believe how quickly I received my order.” - Pat F."; Quotation[9] = "“Items were as shown, arrived on time, and were extremely well packaged. Great merchant!” - Anne P."; Quotation[10] = "“A great first experience that really made a positive and lasting impression.” - Shaday M."; Quotation[11] = "“Received my order of 145 pins accurately and within 48 hours of placing the order. Couldn't be more pleased.” - John B."; Quotation[12] = "“There was an abundant selection of products. Locating specific items was easily accomplished.” - Ann B."; Quotation[13] = "“First rate company - pleasure to do business with.” - Brek H."; Quotation[14] = "“The company did a great job in all areas.” - Rebecca B."; Quotation[15] = "“Well Pleased. The merchandise was great and shipping time was speedy.” - Edna G."; Quotation[16] = "“Thank you so much - it's no wonder that people continue to do business with your company! Thanks again!” - Eric P."; Quotation[17] = "“Thank you so much! I never imagined my order would arrive even remotely close to the date I needed it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are awesome!” - Ashley C."; var Q = Quotation.length; function randNum(){ var quote=Math.round(Math.random()*(Q-1)); return quote; } function showQuotation(){ var num1 = randNum(); var num2 = randNum(); if(num1==num2){ showQuotation(); } else { var elm = Quotation[num1]; elm += " "; elm += Quotation[num2]; document.write(elm); } } showQuotation();
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