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Azusa Engineering, Inc. Web Site - Home Page


Azusa Engineering Inc.: Manufacturer and Importer of Quality components for small industrial and recreational vehicles (go-karts, mini-bikes, ATVs, ultralight aircraft.) since 1960. From this page, view a list of Azusa products, peruse our latest new products, access our online catalog and get answers to frequently asked questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions How Do I Buy Azusa Products? Become An Azusa Dealer - Information Information for Original Equipment Manufacturers   Index of Products (11/04) An alphabetized index all of our components; index entries are linked to the relevant online catalog page.   Online Catalog Browse our hundreds of products online To get a print copy of the Azusa Catalog, see info here New Azusa Helper Documents (PDF format): Sprocket Diameter Charts #35 Sprockets #40 Sprockets #520 Sprockets #219 Sprockets Latest Azusa News Includes web versions of our periodic "Azusagram" newsletters detailing new products and other news. E-mail us: Send your questions and comments.  



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