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B2B is a casual concept that was created out of sheer need for something different. Sure, there are several burger joints scattered throughout the greater Cleveland area, however, how many have as a diverse and interesting combination of flavors as B2B? We've created a menu that integrates some of the most fundamental American favorites. This is food you've had all throughout your life; with your family, friends, and loved ones. How many meatloaf dinners have you had at Mom's? (Well, that you at least liked?), or chili dogs with your Dad at the game? Time spent with family is precious.. and so are the memories associated with those experiences. We've attempted to capture the American Spirit in all of our food. And we are content in knowing that perhaps, some of those memories come into frame while eating here, at B2B. All of our food is locally sustainable and procured. Our beef is 100% Ohio raised and grass-fed. We feel very strongly that it is important to support our local economy and agriculture. We are independently owned and operated. This concept was created by our Owner, General Manager and Head Chef. We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our venue. From our custom chalkboards and murals to the varying degree of surfaces and fixtures offered. We genuinely wanted to create something that was unlike anything the community has ever seen. We will continue to grow, and as such, your feedback is very important to us. We feel that we have created something pretty special, however, things can only get better with your continued support and feedback. Thank you so much for being a part of our success!


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