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Backpacker Trade News


backpacker trade news is a discussion of everything under Australia’s travel industry It also features contributions from Alice Terlikowski and Ian Wakeling along with regular guest postings.


travel, hospitality, backpacker, media, Martin Lane, Australia, New Zealand



Website Travel hold annual managers meeting in New Zealand
Farm auditors in backpacker working hotspots out in force
Hobart, Margaret River voted friendliest cities in world
Liza Harvey appointed Tourism Minister of WA
Asian markets continue to flow into Australia, traditional markets weakening
Backpackers being warned about online job advertisements
Seasonal worker program expanded across WA accommodation sector
Concerns over Hostelworld contracts goes global
YHA add new hostel in New Zealand’s North Island to its network
Queensland government looking to boost ecotourism
Cricket World Cup needs centralised visa process
Victoria’s backpacker industry responds to Hostelworld changes
AirAsia X to bring more tourists to South Australia
TNT’s Golden Backpack Awards: Voting opens today
‘Socially aware’ Aussies are flocking to Hobart
Adventurous investment for Perth tourism
Tourism numbers to the Gold Coast climb despite beach erosion
Changes to tax could wind up hurting tourism industry


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Fisheries set to bait sharks after constant stream of sightings, but is it the right thing to do?
Gen Y choose experiences over stuff
Industry feedback requested for Sydney Expo
Treating customers like this is unAustralian
Insurance rip-off…
‘Australia must cut prices and re-enchant backpackers’
From commissions to Koreans: ABiC debates continue


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