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Banking With The Beard


Merchandise and musings from pool legend Freddy the Beard Bentivegna


freddy bentinegva, banking with the beard, bank on brother, pool, billiards, one pocket



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the Eight Ball Bible – By R. Givens The critically acclaimed “Eight Ball Bible” is quite simply the best 8-ball book ever written. It provides illustrated instruction for every major aspect of high-speed 8-ball from safety play to the mental skills needed for championship competition. Players at all levels can improve after reading it. Concepts are clearly explained with over 460 diagrams. Players will either win using “The Eight Ball Bible” strategies, or be defeated by them. 283 pages. Good news! This item is again available. The copies are no longer autographed, as the author has passed away. Order below. Qty: Price: $29.95 (+$5.00 shipping)




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