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Incinerator consultant, burner design, scrubber analysis, thermal oxidizer problems solved


Incinerator consultant Banks Engineering helps solve problems with combustion and gas cleaning processes, flue gas heat recovery boilers and emergency waste gas flares. Often the solution starts with a site inspection, but many projects are handled completely by phone and email. Where hardware changes are needed, we work with suppliers and fabricators, as needed.


Incinerator consultant, thermal oxidizer consulting, furnace safety training, waste gas burner, waste liquid burner, burner stability, furnace capacity debottleneck, waste heat boiler, stack air permit, flue gas scrubber, oxidizer HAZOP, waste gas flare consulting, operator safety training, loading terminal T.O., pulp mill NCG burner, combustion improvement, incinerator startup, NFPA training, SO3 plume, waste gas fouling corrosion, deflagration, detonation, refractory failure



We are primarily incinerator, furnace and flare consultants:




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