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Bar None Cowboy Church




Welcome to the Bar None Cowboy Church of Iowa
Because of the flood threat at the Jasper County Fair Grounds, The Bar None Cowboy Church will be moving to our new building next to Culvers this week.


We are so glad you rode in.  Feel free to mosey around and check us out.
The Bar None Cowboy church first opened its gates, literally, in the beautiful indoor arena at the Barnum Equestrian Center on the campus of Camp Wesley Woods.  Since the first service in April of 2009 God has taken us on a spiritual trail ride which has now set up camp in our new home just off I-80 exit 164 in Newton, Iowa . It has been a thrilling ride on a trail known only to Him.  Along the trail we have seen the saving grace of Jesus Christ, been humbled by miraculous answers to prayer,  made eternal friends, and with our Cowboy Bible in hand, we have engaged and gunned down the enemy.
Pastor Dave kicks off every service with a song written and sung by Brooke Turner ; “SADDLE UP EVERYBODY, IT’S TIME FOR COWBOY CHURCH”.  Each service is filled with good music, both before and after the preachin’.  Nary a service is closed without honoring the great American heroes, our VETERANS.  So if you are within ridin’ distance or maybe truckin’ down I-80 on a Thursday evening, we invite you to stop in for some good cowboy coffee and a good time at the Bar None Cowboy Church.




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