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New Ignite Flourescents under black light!


Click on the image for large 3D views, and to use the PayPal shopping cart. The two categories of Bat-Jets, are Vintage, bodies from the traditional age of the T-Jet : Bat-Jets with the Fray Style appellation indicates light weight racing bodies, featuring long wheel base (LWB), low riding rockers, no body part thicker than 1/8". These bodies meet the rules of the Fray, VHORS and ECHORR Super Stock classes. Fray Style RTR bodies will be provided with installed windshield only. Rear glass is optional on these bodies and will have to be specified when ordered. We offer a wide variety of other racing bodies, which may be suitable for other racing classes. If you have any doubt on the suitability of a body for a particular race, please email for my recommendation. Modern, bodies from the last couple of decades for the T-Jet chassis:



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