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Bay Area Baptist Church - Independent - KJV


Bay Area Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church that uses the KJV and has a goal to reach the lost in this area. We have a love for people and want to be what God has defined for a local church, called out and having only one head, Jesus Christ.


Doctrine of the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Man, Salvation, Justification, Freeness of Salvation, Grace in Regeneration, Repentance and Faith, Purpose of God\'s Grace, Sanctification, Perseverance of Saints, Law and the Gospel, Church, Baptism, The Lord\'s Supper, The Lord\'s Day, Civil Government, Righteousness, the Wicked, Satan, Fallen Angels, Last Things, World to Come, Separation, Christian Practice, Christian Education, Human Sexuality, Beginning of Human Life, Lawsuits between Believers, Giving, Statement of Faith,



On Florida’s Gulf Coast
If You Could Know That Jesus Loves You
Automated Church Prospecting
Ladies Corner – Click on this picture
KJV – King James Version


Pier 60 in Clearwater shows a scenic view of our surrounding area. - All about Jesus, Salvation and Born Again Lessons - Sowing Seed by the thousands to reach the community
Jeanie Williams facebook place for ladies to share their ideas for home.
A Moral Law for all that even God Can't Change
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Clearwater/Largo Weather
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