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Bayside Automotive Group


Bayside Automotive Group Frankston - is the home of Nissan, Suzuki and Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, on the Mornington Peninsula. Quality Used cars, genuine Service and Parts.


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Our passenger range is has grown to include new vehicles like the Nissan Micra, Nissan Tiida, Nissan Maxima, Nissan 350Z and all new Nissan 370Z. You may also wish to consider our award winning SUV range with Nissan Dualis and Nissan Murano, for that practical approach to city driving and weekend getaways. At Bayside Nissan we know that our light commercial range leads the way in Australia, with the all conquering Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Patrol Wagon, Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis and Nissan Navara / Nissan Navara D22 models. Bayside Suzuki home of Suzuki in Frankston, VIC, We Sell and Service the entire range of Suzuki Alto, SX4, Swift, Grand Vitara, Jimny Sierra, APV and Used Cars, Discounted and New Cars. Suzuki Alto The stylish European designed Suzuki Alto offers a whole new generation of motoring in Australia. Now you don't have to pay a premium for fuel efficient, low emission motoring including important safety features. Suzuki Swift The stylish new Suzuki Swift. Totally new from the ground up, its set to turn even more heads with its sporty all new design and a sleek new interior with plenty of flexible storage space Suzuki SX4 Introducing the new generation SX4 All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), the perfect vehicle for an active lifestyle. The switchable three-mode 4x4 system allows you to crossover from economical city driving, to serious off-road adventuring with the push of a button. Suzuki Jimny It's not where you go that ma tters; its how you get there that counts. The Suzuki Jimny Sierra has always let you do your own thing. Its nimble size makes it ideal for zipping around town. When it's time to enjoy a little freedom from the hustle and bustle, the Jimny Sierra will get you to your favourite fishing or camping spot in relative comfort. Suzuki Grand Vitara The spirited 3-door Grand Vitara has an appetite for endless fun; it cuts through the tightest city with ease. But when on the open road, the lively 2.4-litre VVT engine coupled to either manual or automatic transmission positively purrs with delight. Suzuki Kizashi A luxurious sports sedan with elegant design and extraordinary technology, it brings every sense to life. With a flawless aerodynamic design, sensational handling and performance. Deep down the Kizashi has the soul of a sports car. With its smooth, powerful engine and totally accurate handling, the Kizashi inspires confidence with every bend in the road. Suzuki APV Looks are deceiving. The Suzuki APV may be moderately sized but thanks to some innovative design, it's big on storage space. Speedy delivery to the trickiest of loading bays is easy work with the APV's super-tight turning circle and hydraulic power steering. And its fuel-efficient petrol engine has all the low-end torque you need to haul heavy cargo.



Welcome to Bayside Automotive Group



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