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BCCJ Acumen – The Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan




Driving the New Dragon Economy
BCCJ ACUMEN’s Purpose:


What You Missed in the Japanese Press
Getting the Word Out:
Friends by Mistake
EU–Japan FTA: Update
Exiled from Home
Turning On the Tap
The Power of Word of Mouth
IT: the Future Is Bright
Future Workplace: a New Model for the User Desktop
Reds in Bed
Wanted: Sponsors to Be Scared Silly
Journey to the Heart of Nature
Brighton Rocks Chiba Beach
Arts Events
When the Cure Is Worse than the Disease
My Brother and I
Book Reviews
Essentials for Motivating Salespeople
Warning: Final Salary Schemes’ Deficit Grows
IT Offshoring: Another Look
Join the BCCJ
Upcoming BCCJ Events
This Month's A-list
IT & Telecommunications
Business News
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