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Welcome to Belize North



Belize, Retirement, Corozal, Hurricanes, Cooking, Bonefish, Birdwatching, Jazz, Flats Fishing, Software Teamwork, Guitar, Banjo, Chetumal, Diner Food, Kings Chef,Colorado Green Chilli





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The straight scoop on Northern Belize .  What to expect if you visit .  Why you should think about retirement here.   Maybe not...w hy not?
We will show you our view of Corozal and its surrounds -- in Northern Belize , close to the Mexican border. 
(Also some of our passions from our previous lives: Diner Food , C&W Music , Band-in-a Box,   Software Teamwork .)  
We are now publishing the Star .   Look here.
I wrote a Thriller about Belize . It is called Right Now.   You can read details and the first nine chapters here .  
I have another website called RIXwest .   You can read all about my latest projects there! .    
To see what else is new on this site, click here .  
See the site Guide Here 
Feedback.   After you've explored our site, tell us what you think . If you'd like to see more info about a topic, tell us!  We've responded to questions with some detailed discussions of land purchase , communications , vehicles , driving to Belize , and the QRP program .    
Guest book.   If you would like to be notified when we add new material to the site, add your name to our guest list.  (We promise not to share with anyone else.) 
About the Authors Newest   (Our Addresses, Phone Numbers)
Disclaimer:   This website represents our totally personal viewpoint of Belize.  We are Gringos    [i.e. "Strangers in a Strange Land"] and if your situation somewhat matches ours, you may find some very useful information here that you might not find on other more sales-oriented Belize sites.    
Another Disclaimer:  We've been here  since 1999 and Corozal is our home.  We think some constructive criticism might help the country.  If we criticize, it's not a political statement... it's just a couple of immigrants saying what they think.  If you disagree , let us know!   Change is inevitable, so it's good to talk about it!
Last updated: 4/14/2013


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This map is taken from Microsoft Encarta 99.  Used by permission. More maps here, or click on the map to the left.  

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