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Baggage Check Illustration – 05/06 – Cutoff
Baggage Check Illustration – 04/30 – Kiss the Cook
Baggage Check Illustration – 04/23 – College Tuition
DC Rider Illustration – 04/19 – Metro Spring Break
DIRTFARM #379: Friends
Baggage Check Illustration – 04/16/13 – Smoker
DIRTFARM #378: Stages of Grief Greeting Cards
Antigravity Illustration – Jazz Fest
Baggage Check Illustration – 04/09/13 – Opportunist
DC Rider Illustration – 04/05/13 – Homemade Taxi
DIRTFARM #377: Fappy Theft Auto
Baggage Check Illustration – 04/02/13 – Making Time
DC Rider Illustration – 03/29/13 – Cargets
DIRTFARM #376: Return!
Baggage Check Illustration – 03/26/13 – Attention Bubble
DC Rider Illustration – 03/22/13 – Car Erase
DIRTFARM #375: Sexxxy Sexxxy Appliances
Baggage Check Illustration – 03/19/13 – Jump Start
Peter & Julie – Save the Date
DC Rider Illustration – 03/15/13 – Family Biking



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