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Crystal set design, TRF radios, Edison radios, antique carbon hearing aids and Blonder-Tongue Labs

Description contains information catagorized into five Sections. The oldest, started in 1999, now contains 29 original technical Articles written by Ben Tongue, related to crystal radio set design. Sections added later include information on the Edison Company's failed entry into the radio field, Technical Characteristics of TRF radios manufactured in 1928 and 1929 and Antique 'carbon' electric hearing aids from the '20s. Another section contains some info on the career of Ben H. Tongue and early products of Blonder-Tongue Labs.


crystal radio set, diode detector, headphone, audio transformer, inductor, variable, capacitor Q, impedance, matching, linear-to-square-law crossover point, ferrite inductor, B-9 Audio Baton, Edison Radio, TRF receiver, Ben H. Tongue, Blonder-Tongue Labs, carbon-type hearing aids, Acousticon


Crystal Radio Set Design, Edison Radios, Late 1920's TRF Radios, Antique carbon-type Hearing Aids and early products of Blonder-Tongue Labs


Crystal Radio Set Design - Section A
The Edison Company - Section B
TRF Radio Receivers - Section C
Antique Hearing Aids - Section D
Blonder-Tongue Labs, Ben H. Tongue's Patented inventions and early Blonder-Tongue products - Section E
Links - Section F




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