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| Berlinale |


Berlin International Film Festival - official website



Welcome to the Berlinale!


International Stars and Promising Talents
Insights on New Directions in Independent and Art House Cinema
Avant Garde, Experimental and Unfamiliar Cinematography
The Exploration of Cinematic Possibilities
Films for Young Audiences
Promising Talents from the German Film Scene
Extraordinary New Productions and Reissued Classics
Important Directors and Film History Themes
Food, Pleasure, the Environment and Cinema
Denis Dercourt to be Jury President / Looking for a Young Jury!
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Call for Entries Starts Now
Latest Funding Decisions
Berlinale Residency Launches Second Round
All Streams of the 63rd Berlinale on demand


Principal Partners


The Berlin International Film Festival Mourns the Loss of Ray Dolby
Principal Partners of the 64th Berlinale
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