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New Personal Shavers & Trimmers


Personal Shavers, Body Grooming & Hair Removal


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Unisex Body Shavers & Bikini Trimmers
SMOOTH IRRITATION FREE SKIN In essence all electric shavers work on the same principle It is the quality and design of the foil and the shaver motor that makes the difference.  This personal shaver has more advanced features and superior design to enable a smoother faster shave than any of the brand names that cost up to 3 times more Why the low price?  We sell direct to the consumer so there is no retailer profit margin usually 60-150% - to inflate the price. That's how we offer better quality for less    All In One Personal Shaver & Bikini Trimmer Combo     Whether Male Or Female - This Cordless Shaver      Can Gently Remove Facial Or Any Body Hair             With Longer Lasting Smoothness                 Better & Cheaper Than Any Razor Blade Free Velour C arry Pouch - S haver oil -  S tyling Comb - Included   Click Image For Order Page


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Personal Shavers & Body Trimmers - No Shaver Bumps


$46.98 No sales tax - except in Nevada See what buyers think of this great value personal shaver and trimmer combo " I bought the Bare it All after trying out the battery powered CleanCut. This shaver is an upgrade from the Cleancut and is slightly larger, but lighter. The results of the All in One are wonderful! Very close shave, no nicks or bumps, and so much easier to use.The savings in razor blades alone pays for it in less than 2 months (my girlfriend and I both use it). I shaved with a regular razor for over 17 yrs. so I was very reserved about the All in One. What a fool! A light dusting with baby powder or the likes, and shave away. I highly recommend this product and for those that question it's results and buying it? DON'T! You will NOT be disappointed."   April 3 C.F. Pennsylvania WHY RISK BURNING & DAMAGING YOUR SKIN WITH OTHER HAIR REMOVAL METHODS LIKE OLD FASHIONED SAFETY RAZORS, LASERS, HAIR REMOVAL CREMES THIS PERSONAL SHAVER IS THE SAFEST - MOST CONVENIENT - SMOOTHEST WAY TO REMOVE BODY HAIR FROM HEAD TO TOE - MALE OR FEMALE
The Unique Foil / Shaver Screen On This Cordless Pubic Shaver Gently Removes Hair From Sensitive Skin - Bikini Lines, Intimate Areas, Legs & Arms But With  No Red Bumps, Skin Irritation, Nicks Shaver Bumps, Rash, Itch Or Ingrown Hairs



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